Thursday, 19 January 2012

first award x3

so iv only been on here a few days and just got my first award already - how exciting?! thankyou to all my followers it means so much that my blog has been awarded <3 a massive thankyou to heather c for my acknowledgment! go check out her blog

so here are the rules -
  • You must Thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link back to their blog
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Send the award to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you love and let them know about it
seven random facts about me -
  • im petrified of spiders! just thinking about them gives me the creeps!
  • i love hello kitty <3 my whole room is pink hello kitty haha
  • iv been with my boyfriend now for 4 years
  • i have a 'step daughter' sort of
  • im addicted to mcdonalds!
  • im studying level 3 beauty at college, but have a huge passion for makeup mainly
  • i love disney films!

im awarding the versatile blogger to -

please check all of these blogs out! there all amazing and are inspirational <3


  1. Thank you alot for this award!


    1. I've already gotten this award, so i dont think i should do another post on it, however i will tell my followers to check out your blog! Because it is great, especially since you've only just started it!


  2. Thank you so much for the award im glad my blog is helpful and enjoyable to read! Definitely encourages me to keep posting!

  3. Thank you so much for this!!!!
    I am following you now :)

  4. Haha, my third comment here?! :P But i just awarded you the Liebster award! Go check out the post!


  5. thanks hun and am following you back!.. xx ill write this post when I do my next award post!

  6. aww~ thank you for the award dear~ <3

  7. thank you so much for the blog award!!