Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

i just want to start of by saying im so
sorry i havnt been around for so long. alot of things have been happening in my personal life so as much as i love blogging, its hasnt been much of a priority lately.
so as most of you know who have paid a visit to the maybelline site before, when a new product comes out you can order a sample. you go to this site www.maybelline.co.uk/fitme and answer a series of questions. it will then show you a around about appropriate shade for you, along with the matching concelar and powder. if you do no anything about the fit me range, for every foundation there is a matching concelar and powder which either the website will show you, or you could ask a person at the store if your not sure and wanting to try them out. if you do, let me know how it goes! :)

i have very pale skin and the website above recommended the shade ivory. it took about two weeks to be delivered and was a decent size - you could probably get 4 or 5 uses out of it, not bad for free! the first thing i noticed was it smells nice! i cant describe what it smells of but so much nicer then usual - does that make sense?! i have applied this foundation over the past week, with my fngers, a beauty blender and brushes and it is a awful coverage for me. i get oily within a few hours and for me, it wasnt buildable at all which since i have oily skin and need a full coverage foundation wont be one of my favourites. the red on my skin came through the foundation and it looked cakey.

i do generally adore maybelline make up products & have had no real problems with many of them. i love maybelline as a company just dont feel that this product does anything for my skin. if any of you have any opinions on this product please let me no! :)

bye beauties <3

Tuesday, 23 October 2012



im really excited about my skincare lately! i used to have horrible dry skin when i was younger but now its turned the oppisite, & my skin is disgustingy oily. i always struggle to find decent skincare so kind of never bothered with it - of course this wasnt helping my makeup application much! i tried something from clinique years ago (like a pore thing, cant remember what exactly it was!) so decided to try them.

i originally bought (and am still using) the 3 step introductory kit in (level/ number?) four. this is £20 and comes with 50ml liquid facial soap, 100ml clarifying lotion & 30ml dramatically different moisturising gel. this was rumoured to last about a month, by mine has lasted about 3 using these products day & night. i love them, but in my opinion the toner is to strong. it made me break out quite abit and smells of 100% pure alcohol, which most people mentioned in reviews. the most out of this set, im in love with the moisturising gel. no lotions ever worked for me & i think make oily skin types look worse, especially throughout the day with or without makeup on. as much as i love this, i dont understand how these work but when i do the little questionnaire thing it comes up with different products, if that makes sense?! so i decided to get the other products since these look like they only have about 2 weeks left in them.
i done the little questionnaire thing - which if you dont no is on the right hand side in the little drop down box on the website. anyway, it came up with the anti blemish range. i read reviews on these products & heard the moisturiser wasnt the best, so i bough the bigger size of the dramatically different moisturising gel as i adore it & what it does for my skin.

so the first thing is 125ml of anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam £14.50. 200ml clarifying lotion for £16 and 125ml dramatically different moisturising gel which is the one that comes with a pump. obv i already know i love the moisturising gel, but i will keep you updated on how the cleanser & toner make my skin. im more confident in these products because of past results iv had with clinque, so we will see! the gel alone gives me skin a complete matte finish without drying me about, so thats a bonus!

i will keep you updated beauties!
speak soon 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

favourite pinks

iv been wanting to do this post for ages. & i thought since i renamed this blog to 'prettypinkpout' it would be the perfect time :) so i do love loveee pinks, especially for the summer. i do know its autumn, & il be doing a blog post on my favourite autumn looks & lips soon enough.
so before you put any lip product on its important to prep your lips, as im sure you will all know! you wouldnt starting painting on a bumpy, patchy canvas would you?! exactly :) i love the 'lip prep' products i use at the minute, so i thought i would show them!

the bubblegum lip scrub from lush. this is the only product i can use from lush (devestated about that!) they all smell gorgeous! for this product, you just lick your lips & rub this in. you dont need much! its £5 and lasts forever, iv had mine for about 6 months & theres a tiny dint in, so im impressed considering im a girl on a tight budget! i also have the burts bees lip balm. have no clue how much they are as i got this for free! but i love it, its the mint tingly one which i adoree! its really moisturising and perfect for lip products being applied afterwards, can be found in boots! :)
heres an overview of the products that il be mentioning.

so i got the revlon lip butter in cupcake, i do want strawberry shortcake to. these can be found in boots for about £8, i dont think iv ever seen them in superdrug. i would say these are more of a lipstick, but so so moisturising! i would usually wear this with a more neutral eye & it looks gorgeous. the only problem is it doesnt stay on your lips for very long so needs alot of touch ups! so i think one of these would be used up very fast. iv heard both love and hate reviews on these, but i love love love them :)

so heres two products i adore, as you can tell by how little i have left! so the lipstick is angel by mac. i love love love mac lipsticks (really want ruby roo! i think its called) angel is a really pretty nude pink. these sell for £14.50 unless you do back to mac. these last a while before they need touching up, smell gorgeous & look it to! i love this dazzleglass! its in sugarrimmed. i got it when i went to get something else & they didnt have it, iv never seen it since though so i think it may be limited edition. i love putting this over angel, it gives it a extra bit of shine & looks beautiful with any kind of eye makeup.

collection 2000 lasting finish in pink shock. i dont usualy bother with collection 2000 lipstick but i bought this on a wim. i love this sade & even have a back up ready! its kind of the right shade between pale & a dark pink, if that makes sense?! it does last a while before it needs touching up but i cant remember how much it really did cost, i got it a while ago. i did wear this most of the time when i was working at the salon, & got loads of compliments! it doesnt dry out quickly & looks beautiful with or without a gloss.

this looks abit darker in the swatch then it is in person. i got this on a wim also ages ago. if you live in the uk it big shopping centres you have little cart/ stall things with cheap makeup on. i think this lipstick was about £2 and is neon! its a bright pink on the lips & then if you wear it to a night club or something its glow in the dark. i love it, especially for fancy dress & occasions like that. although they are cheap, i love this & would buy it again.

i honestly have no clue what kind of lipstick this is, its the very first one i bought & only just rediscovered it again. i do know its called love forever! though. its a gorgeous purple/ pink & one of my favourite colours for autumn. it stays on literally all day, it sort of stains your lips just needs touching up maybe once a day if that. i love love love this & have been wearing it loads lately. the bottom picture is a dazzleglass called venus. i saw this on a youtube haul & thought it was beautiful. these colours are amazing together & i would recommend it to anyone! :)

this is another lipstick in saint germain. its more of a pale pink. i must admit i never go for pale pinks anymore but i do love this. again, i find it kind of stains my lips and hardly needs touching up. i dont usually put a gloss over this but i do think sugarrimmed dazzleglass or a clear gloss would look pretty. i do think this is more of a summer/ spring look and will be putting it back in my collection until next year now!

a popular lipstick, mac girl about town. it does look abit darker in the swatch then it really is. it looks like loveforever! i mentioned before, but its more of a pink then the other. its beautiful! another one that stains your lips so doesnt need touching up much during the day and looks so pretty, again especially for autumn/ winter time. this is another colour i love love love wearing at the minute. its beautiful and can be worn without a gloss :)

so i love all of these lipsticks, & love darker colours lately. i will be posting alot more often, so il post again soon beauties! thanks for reading! x

Saturday, 20 October 2012


hi Gorgeous!

im back! i did put a post on here saying i had a new blog, i never did really follow it through. alot has been happening lately so blog posting has been the last thing iv been thinking about honestly, but im so excited to be back. so i wanted to update you on a few things.
i changed the name of this blog, i thought it was cuter & guessed it would be easier then making a completely new blog and starting all over again. i deleted all my posts cos' all the pictures got deleted. i did leave my blog awards up though, im proud of my little awards :) ha
i was on the sick for about three month but now im all okay again and in full working order haha so il be posting at least a few times a week. i do love blogging & all things beauty related so i am excited to be posting again. il be doing things like reviews, tags (if requested!) hauls, favourites & all of that good stuff!

speak sooon

Thursday, 8 March 2012

fourth award

this is my fourth blog award! im so excited and would like to thank everyone for making me welcome to this new blogging world <3
i would especially like to thank http://channelhmc.blogspot.com/ as this is her second award she has gave me. i am so grateful - thank you so much! you beauties go check out her blog for me, its amazing and one of my regular reads.

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what is your favourite song?
david guetta & nicki minaj - turn me on

what is your favourite dessert?
im not a big dessert fan, or 'pudding' as we call it in england :) but i do love victoria sponge cake!

what is your favourite pet?
my little (or big!) cat lucky

black or white?
i do love black, but white mainly!

what is your best feature?
my lips apperently

what is your everyday attitude?
ah, i dunno how to really answer this?! im laid back, friendly and get along with anyone

what is perfection?
mac makeup haha!

what is your guilty pleasure?
geordie shore haha

I want to give the Butterfly Award to the following wonderful bloggers:

i love all you beauties!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

third blog award!

one lovely blog award!
wow. my third blog award! im so honoured that iv got three awards already & i havnt been blogging very long <3 im so made up with the feedback iv got and i would like to thank iridescentmakeupfor giving me this award! check out her blog http://iridescentmakeup.blogspot.com/ its amazing! thankyou so much <3

seven things about me -
  • i adore disney films
  • i have been with my boyfriend four years in may!
  • i think im the only one who does - but i love katie price! <3
  • my whole bedroom is full of pink & hello kitty
  • it takes me years to trust someone properly
  • i would love to work in theatre makeup
  • i hate the colour green!
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Thursday, 19 January 2012

second award

the liebster blog award <3

this is my 2nd award in one day, eek! im so excited! thankyou so much to Gazzy for awarding me this! go check out her blog http://missbeautylicious101.blogspot.com - she is inspirational and i love reading her blog, thankyou again! <3

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i love these blogs, please check them out!