Sunday, 21 October 2012

favourite pinks

iv been wanting to do this post for ages. & i thought since i renamed this blog to 'prettypinkpout' it would be the perfect time :) so i do love loveee pinks, especially for the summer. i do know its autumn, & il be doing a blog post on my favourite autumn looks & lips soon enough.
so before you put any lip product on its important to prep your lips, as im sure you will all know! you wouldnt starting painting on a bumpy, patchy canvas would you?! exactly :) i love the 'lip prep' products i use at the minute, so i thought i would show them!

the bubblegum lip scrub from lush. this is the only product i can use from lush (devestated about that!) they all smell gorgeous! for this product, you just lick your lips & rub this in. you dont need much! its £5 and lasts forever, iv had mine for about 6 months & theres a tiny dint in, so im impressed considering im a girl on a tight budget! i also have the burts bees lip balm. have no clue how much they are as i got this for free! but i love it, its the mint tingly one which i adoree! its really moisturising and perfect for lip products being applied afterwards, can be found in boots! :)
heres an overview of the products that il be mentioning.

so i got the revlon lip butter in cupcake, i do want strawberry shortcake to. these can be found in boots for about £8, i dont think iv ever seen them in superdrug. i would say these are more of a lipstick, but so so moisturising! i would usually wear this with a more neutral eye & it looks gorgeous. the only problem is it doesnt stay on your lips for very long so needs alot of touch ups! so i think one of these would be used up very fast. iv heard both love and hate reviews on these, but i love love love them :)

so heres two products i adore, as you can tell by how little i have left! so the lipstick is angel by mac. i love love love mac lipsticks (really want ruby roo! i think its called) angel is a really pretty nude pink. these sell for £14.50 unless you do back to mac. these last a while before they need touching up, smell gorgeous & look it to! i love this dazzleglass! its in sugarrimmed. i got it when i went to get something else & they didnt have it, iv never seen it since though so i think it may be limited edition. i love putting this over angel, it gives it a extra bit of shine & looks beautiful with any kind of eye makeup.

collection 2000 lasting finish in pink shock. i dont usualy bother with collection 2000 lipstick but i bought this on a wim. i love this sade & even have a back up ready! its kind of the right shade between pale & a dark pink, if that makes sense?! it does last a while before it needs touching up but i cant remember how much it really did cost, i got it a while ago. i did wear this most of the time when i was working at the salon, & got loads of compliments! it doesnt dry out quickly & looks beautiful with or without a gloss.

this looks abit darker in the swatch then it is in person. i got this on a wim also ages ago. if you live in the uk it big shopping centres you have little cart/ stall things with cheap makeup on. i think this lipstick was about £2 and is neon! its a bright pink on the lips & then if you wear it to a night club or something its glow in the dark. i love it, especially for fancy dress & occasions like that. although they are cheap, i love this & would buy it again.

i honestly have no clue what kind of lipstick this is, its the very first one i bought & only just rediscovered it again. i do know its called love forever! though. its a gorgeous purple/ pink & one of my favourite colours for autumn. it stays on literally all day, it sort of stains your lips just needs touching up maybe once a day if that. i love love love this & have been wearing it loads lately. the bottom picture is a dazzleglass called venus. i saw this on a youtube haul & thought it was beautiful. these colours are amazing together & i would recommend it to anyone! :)

this is another lipstick in saint germain. its more of a pale pink. i must admit i never go for pale pinks anymore but i do love this. again, i find it kind of stains my lips and hardly needs touching up. i dont usually put a gloss over this but i do think sugarrimmed dazzleglass or a clear gloss would look pretty. i do think this is more of a summer/ spring look and will be putting it back in my collection until next year now!

a popular lipstick, mac girl about town. it does look abit darker in the swatch then it really is. it looks like loveforever! i mentioned before, but its more of a pink then the other. its beautiful! another one that stains your lips so doesnt need touching up much during the day and looks so pretty, again especially for autumn/ winter time. this is another colour i love love love wearing at the minute. its beautiful and can be worn without a gloss :)

so i love all of these lipsticks, & love darker colours lately. i will be posting alot more often, so il post again soon beauties! thanks for reading! x

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