Tuesday, 23 October 2012



im really excited about my skincare lately! i used to have horrible dry skin when i was younger but now its turned the oppisite, & my skin is disgustingy oily. i always struggle to find decent skincare so kind of never bothered with it - of course this wasnt helping my makeup application much! i tried something from clinique years ago (like a pore thing, cant remember what exactly it was!) so decided to try them.

i originally bought (and am still using) the 3 step introductory kit in (level/ number?) four. this is £20 and comes with 50ml liquid facial soap, 100ml clarifying lotion & 30ml dramatically different moisturising gel. this was rumoured to last about a month, by mine has lasted about 3 using these products day & night. i love them, but in my opinion the toner is to strong. it made me break out quite abit and smells of 100% pure alcohol, which most people mentioned in reviews. the most out of this set, im in love with the moisturising gel. no lotions ever worked for me & i think make oily skin types look worse, especially throughout the day with or without makeup on. as much as i love this, i dont understand how these work but when i do the little questionnaire thing it comes up with different products, if that makes sense?! so i decided to get the other products since these look like they only have about 2 weeks left in them.
i done the little questionnaire thing - which if you dont no is on the right hand side in the little drop down box on the website. anyway, it came up with the anti blemish range. i read reviews on these products & heard the moisturiser wasnt the best, so i bough the bigger size of the dramatically different moisturising gel as i adore it & what it does for my skin.

so the first thing is 125ml of anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam £14.50. 200ml clarifying lotion for £16 and 125ml dramatically different moisturising gel which is the one that comes with a pump. obv i already know i love the moisturising gel, but i will keep you updated on how the cleanser & toner make my skin. im more confident in these products because of past results iv had with clinque, so we will see! the gel alone gives me skin a complete matte finish without drying me about, so thats a bonus!

i will keep you updated beauties!
speak soon 

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