Saturday, 20 October 2012


hi Gorgeous!

im back! i did put a post on here saying i had a new blog, i never did really follow it through. alot has been happening lately so blog posting has been the last thing iv been thinking about honestly, but im so excited to be back. so i wanted to update you on a few things.
i changed the name of this blog, i thought it was cuter & guessed it would be easier then making a completely new blog and starting all over again. i deleted all my posts cos' all the pictures got deleted. i did leave my blog awards up though, im proud of my little awards :) ha
i was on the sick for about three month but now im all okay again and in full working order haha so il be posting at least a few times a week. i do love blogging & all things beauty related so i am excited to be posting again. il be doing things like reviews, tags (if requested!) hauls, favourites & all of that good stuff!

speak sooon

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